TibetanResearch.org was originally set up in 2004. Even though the content of this new website replaces much of the earlier material, its purpose remains the same.

This site will introduce readers who are interested in studying Tibetan Buddhism and other faiths to a wider selection of articles than perhaps would normally be available in one location.

Articles that focus on inter-religious dialogical encounters between Tibetan Buddhism and the Christian faith will be given priority.

Material will range from that which is strictly academic (e.g. extracts from my PhD thesis) to essays and comments that are less academic in presentation.


A non-profit educational charity, HIMLIT Literacy & Educational Support Fund, is actively involved in supporting this relatively new area of research. I am most grateful to friends and family members who from time to time send donations and freewill offerings. This work is entirely funded by those who believe it has a role to play in our world today.

Financial support may be sent via HIMLIT.

(Warning: please note that neither HIMLIT nor TibetanResearch.org will ever send you an email containing a link to access).